Unique Origin Research Discovering Human Uniqueness

Uniquely Human

What does it mean to be human? What is unique and exceptional to humanity?

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Human Singularities

Our identifiable fingerprints are but a microcosm of a body and soul that is utterly unique, from its innards to its intuitions. Every human person is a singularity.

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Humanly Possible

Humans are uniquely capable of creativity, gamesmanship, planning, abstraction, ceremony, language, and on and on. In all these respects, we far surpass what a mere animal can do. Here we gather but a sampling of the effusion of human creativity and striving. Photos from Unsplash

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Kudzu Science

Some time ago Evolution News noted a fascinating review in Commentary of Tom Wolfe’s book The Kingdom of Speech. The reviewer, Andrew Ferguson, challenged evolutionist Jerry Coyne’s dismissal of Wolfe’s argument for human exceptionalism and memorably characterized Coyne’s attitude, enveloping all in the weeds of what’s called “settled science,” as a kind of intellectual “kudzu.” Read More ›

Human Uniqueness Continued

“In terms of what makes us human, it’s not the things that are the same, it’s the things that are different that matter.” Jonathan Marks For something light-hearted: Imaginative FictionSupposed the table’s turned,And she was in my place,Then she’d be up late typing And I’d stare off in space.I think I’d like the next day off To vegitate and doze.But I ask, dear readers, how much sense expect–It’s vagrant typing that makes a chimpanzee’s prose.(That is, before she defecates on the typewriter or throws it across the room.)

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On Being Human — A Reflection

Evolutionary biologist David Barash is a man on a mission. He wants to make sure that we all know we are only human, and that means we are only animal. We share DNA, mitochondria, organelles, our very flesh with animals, and so are animals too. We might as well give up any hope of being sons of God. That story in the Bible that we were created specially is just a story according to Barash, and a dangerous one at that. I heard him give an interview on the Seattle NPR station. He has a winsome way of speaking. He makes a point of telling the story of our common evolutionary origin to his classes at the University of Washington Read More ›